Guarino is the story of a passion born by chance and which has been alive for 30 years.

It all started like this...

I was a dreamer who wanted to travel the world, with a mother with an innate taste for fashion.

The work and dreams of both led, on an autumn afternoon, to the birth of the first Guarino boutique, a jewel with mahogany walls, in the Eternal City.

Soon the uniqueness signed by Guarino spread throughout the neighborhood, and it was then that the need arose to create a second store in Rome, in the heart of Parioli, followed by one, then two in Costa Smeralda and Porto Cervo in 2010.

Today Guarino is an internationally recognized brand, and my story, that of Alessandro is there, between the walls of every boutique, between the finishes of every garment and the shine of every accessory.

It is a success story that is reflected in the eyes of every customer who chooses Guarino.